ESEA Waivers

US Department of Education – ESEA Waivers

Available via the U.S. Department of Education’s website are a set of materials that provide a substantive overview of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) flexibility process—also known as ESEA waivers—by which 34 states and the District of Columbia have applied for and received flexibility regarding certain provisions of ESEA. The intent of these materials—a brochure and five companion fact sheets—is to explain the rationale and intent of ESEA flexibility, as well as address its key components and highlight plan elements for a number of states approved for flexibility. For the ease of your members and affiliates, all of the documents can be easily printed and produced as front-to-back copies; the fact sheets are two-pagers, and the brochure is a tri-fold.

The brochure and fact sheets can be found on the Department’s updated ESEA flexibility web page: Individual links to the documents are below:

ACSA Education Bulletin – April 2014

As Education in Alaska Changes, Who Do You Want Leading the Charge?

by Rod Morrison, AASSP President; Principal, Gilson Middle School

I just returned from Juneau, where I had the opportunity to meet with state legislators and staff and spend time with many of our state’s leaders in education. One of the things we know for sure is that the face of education in Alaska is changing—everything from funding to standards, evaluations, and all of the resources we will need to prepare our students to succeed.

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ACSA Welcomes New Executive Director

by Lisa Parady, ACSA/AASA Incoming Executive Director

Let me begin my first column with a heartfelt thanks to our outgoing Executive Director, Bruce Johnson. Truly, it is worth recognizing the skills and experience he brought to us – statewide knowledge, deep education exeperience, and an ability to bring people together. My plan is to continue to walk in his path while I get my feet on the ground.

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Leading the Way with Instructional Tours

by Mary McMahon, AASSP President Elect; Principal, Colony Middle School

How do we adapt to meet the challenges coming our way with the new teacher evaluation and standards? One answer we’ve found is through our monthly instructional tours. At Colony Middle School, we have been leading the way with instructional tours over the years by hosting them monthly and working with teachers to come up with a process that works best.

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Think Different

by John Pothast, President AAESP; Principal, Redoubt Elementary

I have a school full of misfits, rebels, and troublemakers. A number of my students are round pegs trying to fit into square holes, and some are not fond of our rules. I also
have a school full of students who will change our world—who will be future politicians, scientists, lawyers, doctors, petroleum engineers, construction workers, and educators.

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Proud to be a Principal

by Jennifer Schmitz, AAESP President Elect; Principal, Scenic Park Elementary

This past week, it was my privilege and honor to attend the annual “Principal Fly-in” in Juneau as a representative of both the Anchorage Principals Association (APA) and the Alaska Association of Elementary School Principals (AAESP).

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AAESP serves elementary, middle school, K-12, curriculum directors, university professors, and a variety of other educational organizations around the State of Alaska.