ACSA Education Bulletin – November 2015

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The Education Bulletin is a publication produced by ACSA, featuring articles from ACSA board members and other school administrators or officials, as well as the Executive Directors of AASA, AAESP, and AASSP.

ACSA Education Bulletin November 2015

An Administrator’s Task: Cultivating Culture

by Jennifer Schmitz, AAESP President & AAESP Outgoing President

Whether as a student, parent, or educator, we have all walked into many schools over the course of our lives thus far. In some
schools, the minute you come through the door you feel welcome, and there is an immediate sense of calm and belonging.

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Lead the Opportunity!

by Michael Johnson, ASA President & ACSA Incoming President
Copper River School District

Alaska’s current financial calamity is, at least in some ways, unprecedented for our young state. As our economy matured, it became almost solely dependent on oil as a source of revenue.

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Advocates for Change or Victims of Change?

Dr. Lisa Skiles Parady, ACSA/ASA/AASSP Executive Director

As all of us embrace the new school year and the challenges that come with leading our systems-students, staff, schools, and districts—we recognize that we must sustain our dialogue with legislators, DEED, and Governor Walker regarding our statewide mission.

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Lead with Love & Courage

by Mary McMahon, AASSP President

Every once in a while, we meet someone who leaves a lasting impression. That’s just what John Hope Bryant did when I met him last year in San Diego, where he was the closing “thought leader” speaker for the national principals’ conference.

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“That’s a good story!” – President Barack Obama

by Todd Poage, ASA Past President; Superintendent, Alaska Gateway School District

During President Obama’s primetime speech on Energy Policy in Kotzebue, Alaska, on September 2, 2015, he dedicated a few sentences to highlighting the Alaska Gateway School District’s biomass project at Tok School.

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ACSA Teacher Shortage

by Steve Atwater, UAS Associate Vice President for K-12 Outreach

Now that it is officially fall, children across Alaska have bid
farewell to summer and are back to the routines of school. During the school year’s first days, students’ excitement of reconnecting with friends was tempered by questions about their new teachers.

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