Why Join AAESP

Quotes from AAESP Memebers

“I want to support the cost of having professional, highly experienced building principals,” at the local, state and national levels constantly advocating for things that are important to me at the administrative level. “I will gladly pay my dues,” knowing that it takes a lot of $$$ to finance priorities for administrators, professional development and issues for Alaska’s children.

“When I first became a vice-principal,” my mentors impressed upon me the importance of joining the state professional organization. “Since education is really always in a dynamic state, AAESP can have a direct impact on the direction of education for the children in our state.” Our leadership has also proven influential regionally and nationally. “More and more, the voice of those directly in the field needs to be heard as we address the goals of improving education.”

AAESP serves “elementary, middle, P-12 schools, curriculum directors, professors, aspiring principals, and retired members.” AAESP provides the communication link between all administrators across the state through a professional newsletter, an 800# Hotline, ACSA summer conference and the Fall Principals Conference, an E-mail Hotline, and an Internet web site. AAESP can respond immediately to my needs and provide services to all its members across Alaska.

“Professional membership, helps strengthen the leadership role of principals,” and demonstrates their commitment to quality education.

Principals are frequently responsible for staff development, for teachers and it is not easy to find the time or resources for their own personal development. “The state organization, through the yearly conference, newsletter, etc. is a great source of support for professionals.”

Principals are often isolated and yet have a wealth of information to share. AAESP provides a forum to share ideas, strengths, and concerns. While our state is geographically large, AAESP helps us to form personal networks with other administrators.

I want to have legal support of the local, state, and national organizations. Principals are ‘in the line of fire today across America and “we need to have at our disposal a Legal Assistance Program, which is offered through our dues, as part of the services.” Principals are faced with difficult decisions each day and not all will win popularity contests. It is comforting to know that I have some legal resources to fall back on.

AAESP, a professional educational association, serves as an advocate for children while providing professional services to its members.

Dollars play a major role in education at all levels and without the lobbying efforts of AAESP,ACSA, and NAESP face-to-face with legislators, education stands to lose this effort. “I for one am glad to have our leaders working for us on tenure, retirement, early childhood programs, foundation units, standards, violence in our schools, and other programs affecting the educational community at the legislative level.

I believe AAESP works very hard and is actively involved in representing the best educational interests of Alaskan children, parents, and school personnel.

AAESP serves elementary, middle school, K-12, curriculum directors, university professors, and a variety of other educational organizations around the State of Alaska.